The Wii Shop
is a shop, located about one mile away from the Mii Plaza. Here, Miis come to buy games that they can play (known as Virtual Console and WiiWare games), using their Wii Points cards. The "god of the Mii Plaza" has also been seen shopping. The owners of the shop are a 8-bit Mario and 8-bit Luigi. There are many games to buy here in the Virtual Console Shop, and the 8-bit brothers even sell internet connection, as well as cameras and other digital stuff. Every monday, the 8-bit brothers add new content to the shop.

In the shop, there is also a big television, where recent News and Forecast is told about "Earth". Miis don't really care about this, as they don't live in Earth, however a few Miis have said that it's interesting to hear news about the place where the "god" that made them lives