Mini Miis are, as their title says, miniature versions of Miis. They are known to be hyper, silly, and obnoxious, with a gibberish-sounding, high-pitched mumbles as their dialog, which not even scientists can figure out what their saying. There are six Mini Miis for every single Mii that exists in their plaza. Mini Miis often live with cows, and have a large obxession with cows, making them live in the fields. Because of their cuteness and large amount of energy, aliens in UFOs often try to kidnap them, and send them into space. This has been shown in Wii Play. However, Mii Creators and Miis are able to use the Wii Zapper to save them from UFOs. UFOs are not the only reason Mini Miis are fading away from the Wii world. Ducks think Mini Miis are food, and will peck at them. Sometimes, it wounds them enough to die. Dogs also think they are chew toys, which can do the same thing as Ducks

Soultions have been made to attempt to save Mini Miis. Because of their natural like of cows, they will often hide under them. Also, Miis have learned to duck in grass. But the grass itches, so they cannot do this forever. They can last as long as 5/6 of a Shooting Range hunt. Mini Miis usually roost around hollow trees or deep grass in packs of 6, mainly near Mii Farms. Often depending on nature to feed them, they are rough lived. As mentioned above, Mini Miis are usually attempted to be captured by UFOs and be sent to Outerspace. Some Mini Miis decide to run away to Toybox Town, hoping to find a better life. Usually, they are either killed from starvation from the lack of food or by the crossfire of The Great Miian War. Miis, however, will be captured by Miis and be sent to safety.

Mini Miis can also find their way to Mii Plazas or Mii Street. Here, they usually go to Wii Shops to buy pastries from selling crops from Mii Farms-they do not buy games as they think they're usually too hard to play. They live in Trash Cans in Alley Ways. Mini Miis will travel using cows to get to these areas.

During the Mario Kart Wii tournament, some came with Miis to Coconut Mall, only to discover coconuts. They used them has pools, drinks, and toys to play around with. Many spreaded information on coconuts, inspiring more Mini Miis to come. During their adventures in Coconut Mall, they also attempted to get coats by selling strange things like pocket lint or rope, only to get kicked out. They even found fast food to munch on. Mini Miis have a rather strange diet.

  • Coconut- As mentioned above, Mini Miis love coconuts, and will either eat them or use them has a bath.
  • Dairy- To survive with cows, they must make home-made dairy by putting medicine plants in it to make it quenchible, hide it in a tree to make cheese, or maybe freeze it for an hour to make a strange yogurt.
  • Fast Food- Again mentioned earlier, they will literally dive into burgers for eating, and cut french fries to eat.
  • Dog Food- In Coconut Mall, they found Coco Pet Foods, and they bought Dog Food by finding change on the mall's floor, and they appearantly loved the stuff, so they continue to get it now.
  • Coffee- It's extremely dangerous to have coffee, but they love the stuff, so they're usually sold Decafe.
  • Decafe- They like it, but they still wish it gave them more energy.
  • Wii Cola- Same effects has coffe, yet just a little less bad.
They don't play Laser Hockey because they end up burnt.