Mario Kart Wii is a game and tournament that is held in the Mushroom Kingdom. Although Mario, Bowser,
Wario, and all those other Mushroom Kingdom citizens are joining, Miis and the Mii Creators were allowed to go on their own karts that the Mii Creators designed for them. Miis need a Driver's License to drive the karts. To their luck, at the Star Carnival, most Miis already got the Driver's License. Miis who weren't interesting in participating, many watched in the audience. Some were also on posters and driving their cars has hazards in Coconut Mall, or in tollbooths in Moonview Highway. The player may also unlock clothing for their Mii. Mii outfit A is a racing suit with a blue Mii logo, while Mii outfit B is Mario overalls or a Princess Peach outfit with a red Mii logo. Miis can be unlocked in Mario Kart too, they could have he sane cars as the villans if they are tall or if they are medium or short they will have the same cars as good people.