Here are a list of episodes from the series Adventures in Wuhu Island. This was hiatus in July 18, 2011. Season 2 arrived February 1, 2012. It was on hiatus again on August 2, 2012

The Beginning: June 30, 2011Edit

The Mii Creator (Kenneth) makes new worlds called Wuhu Island and Wedge Island.

Porky and Gabby Time: July 1, 2011Edit

Porky Pig and Gabby Goat starred in 4 segments:

  • Gabby's Vending Machine: Gabby makes a vending machine to prove Porky and Daffy to see how the cookie smoothie tastes.
  • Naked Pig: Porky looses his shirt and pants and gets naked.
  • Porky and Gabby at Church: Porky and Gabby goes to church, but Gabby refuses to go to church.
  • Porky's Party: Porky and Gabby celebrates his 20th anniversary of his party. Note: This is loosley based on the Looney Tune, Porky's Party.

The Start of Speedy's Mexican Resturant: July 2, 2011Edit

Speedy, the Mexican fast mice opens a new resturant called, Speedy's Mexican Resturant.

Sonic's Figurine: July 3, 2011Edit

Sonic gets a new figurine, but his friends thinks it's an action figure destroying it. Note: Porky and Daffy appeared in this episode, but had no lines.

Jobs: July 4, 2011Edit

Miis who had jobs starred in 5 segments:

  • SpongeBob's New Job at the Krusty Krab: SpongeBob gets hired for his new job at the Krusty Krab, home of the Krabby Patties and Cheesy Patties.
  • Beans's New Job at Beans's Frozen Pizza Resturant: Beans gets hired for his new job at Beans's Frozen Pizza Resturant, home of frozen pizzas.
  • Bosko's New Job at the Bosko Store: Bosko gets hired for his new job at the Bosko Store, home of the toys, games, books, clothes, soap, sodas, foods and lotions.
  • Porky and Gabby's New Jobs at Fly By Night Aircraft: Porky and Gabby gets hired for their new jobs at Fly By Night Aircraft, but overslep at the beginning.
  • Elmer's New Job at the Grilled Cheese Resturant: Elmer gets hired for his new job at the Grilled Cheese Resturant, home of Elmer's favorite grilled cheese.

Bugs and Buster in Wackyland: July 5, 2011Edit

After when Bugs and Buster tried to escape from Daffy and Plucky, they decided to live at Wackyland, home of the Do-Do Birds and especially Gogo Dodo. But the do-do birds refuse them to leave, and has to saved by Hamton and Plucky.

Piggy Follies: July 6, 2011Edit

Mrs. Piggy must keep Piggy from eating foods, but goes awry. Note: This is loosley based on the Merrie Melodie, Pigs Is Pigs.

Wheel of Segments: July 7, 2011Edit

In a parody of Wheel of Fortune Sonic (the host) spins the wheel and will show Miis who will star in 3 segments:

  • The Lost Hares: Bugs, Buster and Babs runs away from Wuhu Island to Wedge Island for some relaxing.
  • Gabby's Nightmare: After Porky reads him a scary story, Gabby gets scared, causing him to have nightmares.
  • Roadrunner Beep, Beep: Coyote tries plans to catch his most rival the Roadrunner by putting bird seed in the ground.

A Wuhu Island Celebration Special!: July 8, 2011Edit

Sonic decides to invite his friends and rivals for a big celebration, but goes to jail for not inviting the police to the party.

The Band Rehersal: July 9, 2011Edit

RJ opens a band rehersal at his house. Note: Beans appeared in this episode, but hand no lines.

Wheel of Segments 2: July 10, 2011Edit

A sequel to the episode Wheel of Segments, but this time, the host Sonic gets replaced by Bugs Bunny that shows Miis who starring in 2 segments:

  • Proto-Bugs's New Toy: Proto-Bugs gets a new toy from his older brother called, the Bat-Man and Robin action figures.
  • Piggy and Fluffy: Piggy meets his girlfriend, Fluffy but goes awry when Piggy gets greedy and hungry.

Stuck in Private Island: July 11, 2011Edit

Porky drags his friends to private island, and gets stranded there.

The Future: July 12, 2011Edit

Gabby mistankely thinks the time machine is a vending machine with cookie smoothies in there, and the Mii friends gets stuck in the future. Note: There are three future parodies such as, The Jetsons, Futurama and Cyberchase.

Mr. Krabs's Secret Recipes: July 13, 2011Edit

Mr. Krabs has a secret Krabby Patty and Cheesy Patty recipes, and Sheldon James "Plankton" Jr. (a tiny Mii), who tries to steal the Krabby Patty and Cheesy Patty recipes, to make people come to his resturant, The Chum Bucket. Note: Tommy appeared in this episode, but had no lines.

Beans Gang Collections: July 14, 2011Edit

A TV special starring the Beans Gang (Beans, Little Cat, Oliver Owl, Porky Pig (fat version) and Ham and Ex), who stars in 17 segments:

  • Beans's Ski-Race: Beans be at the snow with his gangs, Little Cat and Oliver Owl, and battles a bad guy.
  • Golddiggers of 1703: In an old building, setted in 1703, Beans and his gangs, Porky, Cat and Oliver's ancestors sets out to find some gold.
  • The Lucky Shell: Porky finds a lucky shell, that will make the Beans Gang do better, but Oliver refuses to get the shell to his friends, so Beans and Porky sneaks in and gets it.
  • Baseball Porky: Porky and Beans goes to baseball fields, and the baseball players thinks that Porky and Beans are new players, and teams up with them.
  • Porky's Ice-Cream Machine: Porky has a new job at the carnival, by giving his friends some ice-creams from the ice-cream machine.
  • Porky's Instrument: Porky makes up an instrument, at the music workshop, by making a phone a music-phone for the music fesitival. Note: Beans, Oliver, Cat, and Ham and Ex appeared in this segment, but had no lines.
  • Porky's Award-Winning Toy: Porky wins a toy at the award-winning place, and promises not to give it to his friends. Note: Beans and Ham and Ex appeared in this segment, but had no lines.
  • Porky's Advantage: Porky takes advantage of himself, when his young brother Porky visits, but he couldn't.
  • Beans's Children Mueseum: Beans makes a mueseum, a children's mueseum for his nephews' Ham and Ex.
  • We Ought to Be in Pictures: In this live-action/CGI animated segment, Porky and Beans comes to life, and tries to find an unnamed studio.
  • Beans and Porky's Excersising: Beans and Porky goes to a school that they graduated, a excersising school, and trains there.
  • Porky's Hawiian Vacation: Porky goes to a vacation at Hawaii with his gangs Beans, Little Cat and Ham and Ex.
  • Porky's Fruit: Porky makes his own fruit called, The Porky Special and his friends eats it and likes it, everyone but Oliver.
  • The Haunted House: Beans with his gangs, Cat, Oliver, Porky and Ham and Ex goes to a house, a haunted house.
  • One Beer: The beer, Porky and Beans drinks, freaks out his friends, Ham and Ex, Cat and Oliver.
  • Beans's Space Adventures: Beans with his sidekicks, Porky, Oliver, Cat and Ham and Ex, and discovers moon rocks there.
  • Porky's Pie: Porky makes his own pie called, The Porky Pie and his friends eats it and likes it, everyone but Oliver.

Porky and Gabby Time 2: July 15, 2011Edit

Porky and Gabby returns and stars in 6 segments:

  • Porky's School: Porky becomes a teacher, and goes to school and teaches his kids, Porko, Puerco and Sow Pigs.
  • Too Much Junk Food: Porko, Puerco, Sow and Gabby keeps eating junk food, and Porky had to put a stop on it, and goes to see Dr. Mario for attentions.
  • Too Much Arguements: Porky and Gabby couldn't stand about their nephews, Porko, Puerco and Sow Pigs keep arguing.
  • Duck Dodgers: Porky (as The Eager Young Space Cadet) with his sidekicks, Daffy (as Duck Dodgers), Porky's mentor Hamton (as The Eager Young Space Cadet Jr.) and Daffy's mentor Plucky (as Duck Dodgers Jr.) goes on a mission. Meanwhile, Gabby babysits, Porko, Puerco and Sow Pigs.
  • Wackyland Troubles: Porky and Gabby goes to Wackyland, and tries to hunt the do-do birds, but Gogo Dodo doesn't want to be hunted.
  • Yankee Doodle Gabby: Porky tries to escape from Gabby, by trying to go to Wedge Island for golf, but goes awry.

Babs and Buster Time: July 16, 2011Edit

Babs and Buster starred in 3 segments:

  • Buster's Railroad: Buster makes a train railroad for his friends, Babs, Plucky and Hamton, but trouble starts with Buster's train track.
  • Stuck in Wackyland: After falling down a plot hole, Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton gets stuck in Wackyland, and Gogo Dodo wants to be their friend.
  • Babs's Ice-Cream Machine: Babs makes up an ice-cream machine, at the amusement park. Meanwhile, Hamton, Plucky and Buster stole Babs's idea.

Porky Goes to Mexico: July 17, 2011Edit

Porky and his friends, Fat Porky, Bugs, Daffy, Gabby, Roadrunner and Speedy goes for a Mexican Vacation, then Porky goes relaxing, but trouble starts with the volcano and the storm.

Commercial Hijinks: February 1, 2012Edit

Ham and Ex are obsessed with a Slop-and-Shop commercial, so Beans try to stop them from watching that commercial. Meanwhile, Sonic and RJ are in trouble pulling a prank on C'era.

The Past: February 2, 2012Edit

Daffy messes with the time machine, and the Mii friends gets stuck in the future. Note: There is a past parody on here such as, The Flintstones.

Kermit's Commercial February 3, 2012Edit

Kermit stars in a Pizza-Park commercial. Meanwhile, Beans, Cat, Ham, Ex and Porky gets stranded under the ocean, and falls down to Wackyland.

Sonic's Segments: August 1, 2012Edit

Sonic has a collection of segments, and shows the viewers them:

  • Sonic's Answering Service: Sonic, RJ, Mickey, Bugs, Donald, Daffy, Porky and Gumball starts an aswering service business, but their phone starts acting up so they go to the Phones pace to get a new phone.
  • Sonic's Action Figure: Sonic has a Sonic the Hedgehog action figure, and his friends wants to play with it, but he refuses.
  • Sonic in Wackyland: Sonic and his friends RJ, Mickey, Bugs, Donald, Daffy, Porky and Gumball ends up in Wackyland, and tries to get out.
  • Golddiggers of 1504: Sonic's mom tell Sonic a story about his ancestor and RJ, Mickey, Bugs, Donald, Daffy, Porky and Gumball's ancestors set out to find some gold.
  • The Prince and the Pauper: Sonic meets a pauper that looks like him, and starts taking their places.
  • Sonic and the Beanstalk: Sonic grew a beanstalk on the ground, and tries to save the harp of Wuhu Island, from a giant.
  • A Trip to Chuck E. Cheese's: Sonic's mom takes Sonic to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch.

The Trouble with Teachers: May 1, 2013Edit

Sonic and his friends are worried if Mr. Marvin is a horrible teacher.

Picture Day: May 2, 2013Edit

It's Picture Day, and Sonic and his friends tries to look perfect for Picture Day.

Slumber Party: May 3, 2013Edit

Sonic invites his friends (RJ, Amaya, Arthur, George, Brother, Sister, Brain and Francine) for a slumber party.