11232 matt
Vital statistics
Title Matt
Gender The Real Slim Shady
Faction NAACP
Health Immortal
Level 1-1
Status Dead by the hands of a little kid
Location Mii Plaza or Wuhu Island at once.
First Appearance The Big Bang (1)
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Matt is a Mii that shows up at random during games that allow Miis. He is known for being the champion and trainer in Boxing (Wii Sports) and the champion of Swordplay (Wii Sports Resort).

Matt is a demigod. His ass eating and sword fighting skills were foretold by the Elder Scrolls, but back then black people didn't exist so the tales were largely ignored. He has clapped the cheeks of 10 year old and 40 year old men indiscriminately. His beard is not hair, but is actually Sharpie. Hair is too scared to be on his face.

His introduction with Wii Sports caused 42 (recorded) unknown pregnancies, all of which resulted in a child able to clap ass and speak Etruscan from birth.

Matt is known to have killed many notable leaders, such as Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Ellen DeGeneres. He was seen seconds before George H. W. Bush passed away.

Matt taught Bob Ross and Leonardo da Vinci how to paint. He then saw how much power Bob had and had to end his life unexpectedly.

In Wii Sports

In Tennis

Matt Young usually has a skill level around 49. He is also usually paired up with Miyu. In general, he is pretty weak, since he is in the first pair you play. After your match with Matt, he will proceed to remove the cheeks off of Miyu with ease, seperating them in two whole pieces.

In Boxing

Matt Young is the Grand Champion in boxing. If you beat this very tough Mii, you'll unlock silver boxing gloves. You can acitvate them by pressing '1' after a warning screen to wear your wrist strap. He trains the Miis in Wii Sports.

In Wii Sports Resort

In Sword-Fighting

Matt Young is the Wuhu Island Champion in sword-fighting. He is also the boss at the end of the last level (level 20) in showdown mode.He will be extremely defensive and strikes extremely often, and will never let you hit him.

In Wii Party

Matt Young is a master difficulty and can be played against after beating an expert difficulty Mii. He has the default top score in certain minigames and game modes. He appears to be good freinds with Lucia because they have the highest score in Friend Connection.


  • His Favorite Color is Orange
  • He kidnaps Akira and his friends in The Wuhu Island Movie: Kira's Swordplay Showdown Quest
  • Matt Young is the long lost half-brother of the famous comedian, actor, and rapper Donald Glover.
  • he is the oldest of his siblings of the young family so he is Andy, George and Sotas older brother
  • His design inspired Thanos, being the ruler of the entire multiverse
  • He became a major target in February 2019 after it was discovered that he had every WiiWare game
  • Shaggy Rogers from the Scooby Doo universe and Big Chungus worship him, even building temples, although everyone else sees him as evil.
  • He composed the Mii Channel theme and the Wii Shop Channel theme back in 2006
  • In the Sweden-Indian war of 2018, he showed support for PewDiePie, commander of the Sweden army.
  • He spends his time at home watching a DVD screensaver or watching the 1941 Looney Tunes episode "Wabbit Twouble"
  • He is know to have crucified Jesus
  • He can get a dog pregant
  • He is a big fan of Info Wars.
  • He is one of twelve apostles
  • He is a know nuclear scientist for North Korea
  • He’s legally allowed to say nigger.
  • He can give himself a footjob.
  • He once ejaculated in the pool near where Table Tennis matches are held.
  • He would beat off a guy for thirty dollars.
  • He fucking hates the stupid bitches from r/mii_irl. Stop stealing memes and get a fucking job and eat shit.
  • He defeated Thanos.
  • He invented the popular game Super Smash Brothers, but it was originally titled "Super Smash, Bro" and was entirely centered him on making cheeks clap.
  • Matt once ate an entire reproductive system off for $20. He then proceeded to single handedly remove his entire anus through his eyes in a fit of paranoia to stop "all them white boys tryna clap my cheeks".
  • Matt likes to eat the ass of little children.
  • Matt likes touching Slaneesh's futa cock as he jerks off and eats Nurgle's gooey yumminess. Tzeentch is not invented after he dissolved 73 kids with his 26 ft cock.
  • He has a total confirmed kill count higher than all black street gangs combined.
  • He hates women and minorities.
  • He built Auschwitz.
  • He is know for the lynch mobs of the 20s
  • He is a grand wizard of the Klan
  • Matt typically votes for the Republican party and other right-wing parties.
  • He is a Nazi
  • His phone number is 911
  • He had sex with Kim Jong Un.
  • He is known for committing crimes against grumanity.
  • Matt has committed tax fraud.
  • He is pretty fucking epic.
  • He is pro-fun but anti-abortion.
  • He is black because real colors such as white are too scared to be within miles of him.
  • Matt has currently achieved 42069 victory royales in Fortnite Battle Royale.
  • Matt is a notorious climate change and holocaust denier.
  • During a heated gaming moment on stream, Matt had accidentally donned an entire KKK uniform.
  • Matt was the original creator of Fortnite, despite the common belief that it was invented by John Fortnite.
  • Matt knows how King Crimson works.
  • Matt collaborated with John nHentai to create the popular site
  • Matt's Wiki page is the newest Testament of the Bible, called the Real Nigga Testament.
  • Matt did 9/11 but survived through the sheer power of his godlike abilities.
  • Matt's penis is actually void of color. Only Abby has seen it. Anyone who has seen it was killed on the spot.
  • He is the only being powerful enough to utter the N-word
  • He aint gay
  • His true form is too powerful for you to be within 50^INFINITY miles of it. If you are within 50^INFINITY miles of it, you will instantly vaporize and be erased from existence
  • He can access 2-player Minesweeper