1144 fish
is a food that most Miis eat. While Miis don't need food to survive, that dosn't mean they can't eat. Fish can be gotten at the Snow Lake, by using a Fishing Rod to fish for them. They can also be found at Duckling Lake, which is located in Wuhu Island. Fish come in many sizes and colours. The Small Fry is the smallest fish in Snow Lake, yet is not safe to eat. This was discoved when a Mii called Joe, almost died from eating one. He was taken to the Mii Hospital, and survived. Plain 'OL Fish , Nibblers and Touchy Fish are the most common fish. Mystery Fish is a rare kind, that is huge. Meanwhile King Of Pond is the biggest fish ever, and some claim that the fish is just a fake. Others think its real and that they have seen the enormous fish, yet it's too hard to catch