The Everybody Votes (or Everyone Votes Channel on the Nintendo Wii) are polls, are polls that Mii Creators asked their Miis, such as "What do you like better, cats or dogs?" They are held in a completly blue area, sometimes called the Blue Mii Plaza. The floor of the area has a picture of the Earth, or "Real World" as some Mii refer it. Each poll lasts for about five days. Miis can bet on which question will get the most votes. After some days, the Mii Creators will announce which answer got the most votes. Later, another voting program called the Check Mii Out was created and was somewhat similar to this.


Nintendo sure would love it if you went out and bought a Wii U, their shiny console which is still warm from the factory. Particularly because it’s a product they’re still supporting. It’s actually best if you don’t even look at the older ones. They don’t really count anymore. In fact, Nintendo is shutting down a some of the Wii’s online services – you don’t use those anymore, right? They seem to assume not.

In their announcement, Nintendo specified that the following channels would be getting axed starting June 28:

  • Forecast Channel
  • News Channel
  • Everybody Votes Channel
  • Nintendo Channel
  • Check Mii Out Channel