Daffy Duck
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Vital statistics
Title Duck
Gender Male
Race Mii
Health TBA
Level 104
Location The house next door to Porky and Gabby's house.
First Appearance The Beginning
Daffy "Armando" (formerly "Sheldon") Duck (6 August 1990) is a duck who is 20 years old.


Daffy Duck lives at the the house next door to Porky and Gabby's house with his roomate Bugs, and likes to play table tennis instead of tennis, plays out at the Pool Patio, visits Melissa Duck.


Daffy use to go to high school, but people be calling him "Daffy Dork", cause he's much a dim-witted duck. He use to be Porky's friend and roommate. He also, goes up to Mii Planet as Duck Dodgers and with his 3 sidekicks: Eager Young Space Cadet, Duck Dodgers Jr. and Eager Young Space Cadet Jr. to stop Marvin and his favorite student from Acme Looniversity Marcia.




Bugs BunnyEdit

Daffy was a rival of Bugs when Elmer be hunting both of them. Daffy and Bugs shouts out: "Wabbit season!", "Duck season!", "Wabbit season!", "Duck season!", "Wabbit season!", then reversing the flow they end up saying: "Wabbit season!", and "Duck season!". Then later they become roomates, like Daffy use to be roomates with Porky, and moves out of the woods to the Cocoba Hotel.

Little DaffyEdit

Little Daffy is Daffy's younger brother, and gets kicked out of the house and moves and now he lives at the Deserted Island.

Porky PigEdit

Daffy was a roomate of Porky, and now he's a rival of him, and uses to pick on him at high school when he was a nerd. Also, Porky used to pick on him too when Daffy was a nerd. He goes with Daffy as Eager Young Space Cadet to stop Marvin and Marcia's schemes to rule to the world.

Marvin the MartianEdit

Marvin is rivals of Daffy, Porky, Plucky and Hamton and his favorite student is Marcia, she attended Acme Looniversity.

Melissa DuckEdit

Melissa is a boyfriend of Daffy. She appeared in episodes of Adventures in Wuhu Island.

Elmer FuddEdit

Daffy is a rival of Elmer when he tries to make him hunt Bugs. Sometimes, he watches Elmer on the News Channel.

Gabby GoatEdit

Daffy is a friend of Gabby, Gabby once hanged out with Daffy in an episode of Adventures in Wuhu Island, and is a roomate of Porky.

Donald DuckEdit

Daffy is the next rival of Donald, he battles with Donald with a piano practice, and wrestles cause is the greatest wrestler ever. He sometimes goes to the doctor with Donald for shots and measurements only naked.

Speedy GonzalesEdit

Daffy is a next rival of Speedy, he lives as a roomate with Bugs and Daffy as the "mouse in the wall", and Daffy fears him, and repeadetly calls him a rat.

Plucky DuckEdit

Daffy will become a professor of Acme Looniversity and his favorite student is Plucky. He goes with Daffy as Duck Dodgers and Porky as Eager Young Space Cadet as Duck Dodgers Jr. and while Porky and Daffy stops Marvin from ruling the world, he likes to plays with Marcia.

Hamton J. PigEdit

Hamton goes with Daffy as Duck Dodgers, Porky as Eager Young Space Cadet and Plucky as Duck Dodgers Jr. as Eager Young Space Cadet Jr. and plays with Plucky and Marcia.


You're dispicable!

I'm Duck Dodgers!

You're welcome! (famous line at the end of each segments starring him)


Daffy is homeless and doesn't has no family.

Voice actorsEdit

  • Jeff Bergman
  • Dee Bradley Baker (the video games only)


*Daffy's younger brother is Little Daffy.
  • Daffy's student for Acme Looniversity is Plucky.
  • Daffy's birthday is August 6, that which is a reference to 1938's Porky & Daffy.

Other AppearancesEdit

  • Daffy makes a surprised cameo appearance in the Adventures in Wuhu Island segment, "Stuck in Wackyland", where he is seen falling from the sky.
  • Daffy makes a speaking cameo appearance in "The Wuhu Island Movie", where Porky gave Daffy a gift, and took it home with and Bugs and Daffy's house gets destroyed, and Daffy banged on Porky's door, and punched him in his nose saying, "You're dispicable", and left.

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