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Title Cat
Gender Male
Race Mii
Faction TBA
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Level 10
Location New Town
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Marchella "Beans" Cat (9 March 1998) is a cat who is 14 years old


Beans lives at the New Town, but he likes to go mischevious that he does tricks on Oliver. Last time, he putted up a prank on Oliver at the School Recital that he putted the dog and the cat inside the piano. One day, when Beans gets 13, he decided to open up a resturant called Beans's Frozen Pizza Resturant.


When Beans was 6 years old, he be spending the night at Porky. Last time night, he wetted Porky's bed that gets Porky angry, that he had to kick him out for doing that. Then last time morning, Porky apoligize to Beans, that he's really sorry for kicking him out of his house.




Porky PigEdit

Beans is Porky's 35 year old best friend, and last time at the school recital Beans taps Porky to tell him to go up on stage, but he stuttered much. Everyone buts Beans did a whistle-like cat call. Then Porky eats so many food and whooping, and Beans and Porky sets out to find the gold. Last time night, Beans spend the night at Porky, but gets mad when Beans wetted his bed, that's what he do did all night when he was 1-12. Also, he visits Beans's place Beans's Frozen Pizza Resturant, but Porky calls it "Beans's CiCi's Pizza".

Oliver OwlEdit

Beans's mean 10 year old friend, he didn't like to share, play, or visits Beans's Frozen Pizza Resturant. He be calling him an idiot when Beans was 7-13, last time when they were 5 he putted a prank on him for putting a dog and cat inside the piano, when he finds out Beans was up at the window, he squirted him in green ink, falling from his ladder, when Oliver gets filled with red paint, they shake hands. Later, Oliver is a move director and when he saw Beans falled he flinged him to set of Frankenstein, but Beans ruined the play when the Frankenstein monster came to life.

Little KittyEdit

Little Kitty is Beans's 13 year old nervous little girlfriend, at the school recital Little Kitty gets really nervous refusing to recite "Mary Had a Little Lamb", then she started fidgeting her feets that she had to go to the bathroom really badly. Also, she was the movie star of the WB (Warmer Brothers) studio, also she be seeing on the newspaper that Beans found gold, she shows Porky and sees that Beans founded gold. Later when they get 13, they got married and lives in the New House, with two nephews: Ham and Ex.

Ham and ExEdit

Beans and Little Kitty's 5 years old mischevious nephews. Last time, when they were 4 years old, for the school recital they were twin singing puppies, singing "I Haven't Got a Hat", then later times, when Beans let them in his fire engine they be causing a mess at their, and when they pretend to go to sleep they throw a shoe at Beans and he started spanking their hams for doing that. Sometimes, Ham and Ex calls Beans "Marchella "Beans" Cat", and Beans says, "You call me that one more time, I'll--" just to get stopped for something.


Beans is the name, one of the Boston Beans.

That's all Folks! (famous line at the end of each segments)


Beans had a mother but died in 2001, and had a dad but died in 2003. Now Beans has a grandmother and his grandfather died in 2007.

Voice actorsEdit

  • Will Ryan


  • Beans's girlfriend is Little Kitty.
  • When Beans was 5, he didn't had no talent at all.
  • Beans' birthday is March 9, that which is a reference to 1935's I Haven't Got a Hat.

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