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Laith Al-Deen

Laith Al-Deen
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Laith Al-Deen, born February 20, 1972 in Karlsruhe, Germany, is a German language pop musician.[

Biography and CareerEdit

Born of an Iraqi father and German mother, Al-Deen grew up in the United States and Mannheim, Germany. He achieved his first fame with his debut album, Ich will nur wissen (English: I Only Want to Know), from which came his first two singles, Bilder von Dir (English: Pictures of you, German version of the 1995 hit Everlasting Pictures of B-Zet with Darlesia) and Kleine Helden (English: Little Heroes). His second album, Melomanie, released in 2002, resulted in the singles Dein Lied (English: Your Song) and Jetzt, Hier, Immer (English: Now, Here, Always), and was just as successful as his debut album. Al-Deen was also nominated for the Comet, a music award given by the German broadcaster VIVA in the category of Hip hop/R&B, which he declined, saying that he would only seek recognition for German-language music rather than an international award

At the beginning of 2004, Al-Deen released the album Für Alle (English: For Everyone), which was seen a continuation of his previous musical style. The album reached the top spot on the German album charts and was Al-Deen's greatest commercial success. The single taken from Für Alle, Alles an dir (English: All Of You), reached #21 on the German charts, the highest position for one of al-Deen's singles up to that point. The second single taken from the album, Höher (English: Higher) was one of the finalists for Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. In fall of 2004, Al-Deen produced a live album, which performed well on the German charts for several weeks. In September 2005 a DualDisc of this live album was released, with the entire album rerecorded in 5.1 surround sound. In June 2007 a new album, Die Liebe zum Detail (English: The Love For the Detail) and a new single, Keine wie du (English: None Like You), were released. The album reached #3 on the German charts, and Keine wie du reached sixteenth on the German singles charts.


Albums[edit source | edit]Edit

  • 2000: Ich will nur wissen
  • 2001: Ich will nur wissen (New-Edition)
  • 2002: Melomanie
  • 2004: Für Alle
  • 2004: Live
  • 2005: Die Frage wie
  • 2007: Die Liebe zum Detail
  • 2009: Session
  • 2011: Der letzte deiner Art

Singles[edit source | edit]Edit

  • 2000: The Invitation (Ich will nur wissen)
  • 2000: Bilder von dir
  • 2000: Kleine Helden
  • 2001: Noch lange nicht genug
  • 2002: Dein Lied
  • 2002: Jetzt, hier, immer
  • 2003: Traurig
  • 2003: Alles an dir
  • 2004: Höher
  • 2004: Meilenweit (featuring Zoe)
  • 2005: Leb den Tag
  • 2005: Warten und Schweigen (Download-Single)
  • 2007: Keine wie du
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